• No Fan No Fills
  • Constant Efficiency
  • Capacity Up To 1500 TR Single Cell
  • Range of 10 Degree C With 3 to 5 Degree C Approach
  • Totally Non-Corrosive Construction
  • Longer Life – 15 Years & More
  • Lower Running Cost

  1. Armec actively promotes to GO GREEN and reduce CO2 Emission by the way of Energy Saving in Cooling Towers.
  2. Armec appeals all to stop generating tonnes of plastic waste by avoiding usage of plastic fills in cooling towers.
  3. Armec invites all to join hands to Save Mother Earth by Saving Energy & Water.

  • They are fully assembled – numbered – dismantled to provide easy assembling & installation at client site.
  • Packing can be done component wise.
  • Ideal for container stuffing – full or partial.
  • Does not have very heavy parts like motor, gearbox etc.
  • Does not have delicate parts like fan blades, which if damaged can make the cooling tower completely useless.
  • Modular design, hence can be expanded easily.
  • There is no fan and no related maintenance.
  • There is no gear box and no related maintenance.
  • There is no fills and no related maintenance.
  • Therefore, there is no periodical overhauling.
  • As there is no motor – saving in electricity charges.
  • As they can be designed as “Zero Drift Loss” – saving in water charges.

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